Frequently Asked Questions


How do I purchase your pottery?

Where is my package? Lost, missing, or delayed package info.

Do you do custom orders?

How much are your mugs?

Any tips for scoring a mug?

Are my items in my cart saved for me?

Where can I preview items that will be for sale in the next update?

Where do you ship? Do you combine shipping? How much is shipping?

What type of payment do you accept?

Why do I see reserved listings if you don't allow reservations?

Are you on Etsy?


Do you offer wholesale?


What is your return policy?

Product Questions

Are your pieces safe for dishwasher, microwave, oven, freezer, hot and cold foods?

Are your glazes food safe?

What temperature do you fire to?

How do your "Cake Mugs" work?


Where are you located?

Can I see your work in person?

How long have you been doing pottery?

Studio Resources

How do you get the designs on your pots?

Do you make your own glazes?

What carving tools do you use?

Which brand of underglazes do you use?

How do you get the iridescent finish on your pots?

Where do you get those cute mug stickers and magnets made?!

What kiln should I buy?

What brand of wheel do you recommend?

What type of bats do you use?

What type of trimming tool is your favorite?

What is that thing you attach to your wheel to hold pots when trimming?

What are your must have throwing tools?

Garden Projects

How did you build your raised garden beds?