Leigh Anne Thompson

Hello! First, let me say Thank You for taking the time to find out more about our family and pottery! We appreciate you and your support so much!

Elan Pottery began in 2001 when I started selling my work at a small New England Renaissance Faire. Elan was a childhood nickname and perfectly describes the vision I have for my pottery and life.

After the success of that first show, I began traveling the U.S. living in a van with a mobile pottery studio. My retail shops were located at various juried renaissance faires and art shows across the country. In early 2007 I launched our online social media presence and things went wild! The response from all over the globe has been incredible! This past year my fiance’ came on board full time and has taken over glazing the beautiful pots we make! He has developed a passion for pottery that can be seen in the color combinations he creates and his enthusiasm for this new-to-him craft! We are in the midst of some amazing growth and so excited to share the process with you all!

As artists we take inspiration from our years of travel and daily life. Knowing someone is going to experience the first moments of their day with something we made gives us endless inspiration to create! We truly believe we are “living the dream” and are grateful! The positivity and love we put into each piece can be seen through our attention to detail in every aspect. We hope you love each piece and it becomes a part of your lifestyle!